Nieuwe boeken inside the de- bibliotheek – The brand new instructions regarding the collection

Nieuwe boeken inside the de- bibliotheek – The brand new instructions regarding the collection

Nieuwe boeken inside the de- bibliotheek – The brand new instructions regarding the collection

De politie komt steeds vaker weg came across excessieve geweldpleging. In plaats van deze development aan te pakken worden bevoegdheden juist uitgebreid satisfied meer wapens durante ruimere geweldsinstructie.

Op vrijdag vindt om uur een demonstratie . Wij willen niet alleen de aandacht vestigen op het politiegeweld within the Nederland, maar ook tegen het onrecht dat Sammy Baker helaas is actually overkomen. De demo zal naar verwachting eindigen in the het Honselerdijikstraat. Emergency room zal ook pers ter plaatse zijn.

Anarchist Film Evening which have CrimethInc

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In the middle of the new George Floyd rebellion, Atlanta cops kill another type of black son minding his team. Demonstrators–mad, mournful,and you will hyped–burn they down in his memories and introduce a relaxation heart.

Persecuted and you will ridiculed, a premier-university beginner movement begins an enthusiastic insurrection that gains yet another structure having Chile, but what is actually forgotten to possess a unique constitution is actually a premier rate to invest.Contributions could be obtained to possess political prisoners!

COVID considerations: doors have a tendency to unlock at and there’s a finite discussion board from twenty five people. Basic appearing, first in. Face mask incorporate is advised.

Beste kameraden,I hebben onze bibliotheek uitgebreid found een aantal mooie nieuwe boeken. We zijn gewoon open dus kom vooral langs op een zaterdag tussen durante . Eatery MKZ try ook discover voor afhaal eten voor ˆ5 for every maaltijd. Normaal steunt de MKZ anderen maar nu kunnen ze jullie steun goed gebruiken! Reserveren kan bij de bibliotheek of-door te bellen naar 020-6790712

Dear comrades,We additional a number of sweet instructions to help you out collection. We are discover as usual thus perform become and you can see for the a tuesday anywhere between en . As well as discover try cafe MKZ, having need-aside food for just ˆ5. Usually it will be the MKZ exactly who service anyone else, however, nowadays they’re able to use your service! Bookings can be made within library or by the getting in touch with to help you 020-6790712

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Demonstratie: Corona is actually het trojan, kapitalisme de crisis, solidariteit de oplossing

The virus might have been offered the world now let’s talk about much more than simply annually. Whole circles away from public lifetime had been lay so you can a standstill. The power of your Dutch medical care method is forced to the limits. When you’re personal cash is being used so you’re able to bailout large providers, medical care method is underfunded and you will more and more privatied. Medical insurance is expensive and you can medical care is not available for those who cannot spend. People in marginalised and insecure groups cannot be handled securely otherwise are not handled at all. Thousands of men and women have missing its efforts, their homes, and their livelihoods. Many existence was in fact lost from the pandemic therefore the country’s mismanagement of it, however it does maybe not therefore didn’t have become in this way. Why don’t we not trust the lays, we are not “all in this together”. The steeped get actually richer for this reason crisis throughout the shelter of its beautiful land, since (frontline)gurus, the indegent as well as the marginalised hold the biggest burden and tend to be forced to exposure their lives.

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